Hi! I'm Jérémy Franck

I am a French designer living in Toulouse, France, and I have a thing for great graphic & product design, with an emphasis on usability, simplicity and beauty.

I’m currently looking for a position as a junior graphic designer.

While I didn't have the privilege to work with a lot of clients yet, I have immersed myself in graphic design, both print & digital, for the better part of the last decade, and am now eager to prove my ability. My sharp eye and my vast skillset are ready to tackle some real world commercial projects.

This website showcases a selection of some of my recent projects.

You can also follow me on Behance for updates on my various projects, and Twitter, where I occasionally post internet findings and stuff, gaze upon my varied visual experiments on Tumblr, or listen to the noise music I make on Soundcloud.

When I’m not sitting in front of my screen, I like to draw, watch movies or drink a cold beer with friends, and to eat fine cuisine. I LOVE red meat. And wine. And food in general. But I’m from the south of France, so that shouldn't be much of a surprise. ;)

Let's talk! : jrmyfranck (at) gmail.com